its grumpy time

well the new year has actually started out interesting, let see, my period started. I slept 12 hours, so my day pretty much ruined for anything I was planning to do, when you get up at 2pm and intended to get up at 9am, lets just say that was not the plan.

today, this horse’s patience wore out, I just couldn’t stand it anymore and got upset with him. He fucked up my dvd player but trying to fix it and cleaning it, it didn’t want to be cleaned, it liked all the dust in there, can’t anyone see the sign “dust protect furniture”. Then he tried to fix a bad DVD I got and then started telling me about the various scenes in the movie, I don’t want to hear about the movie before I watch it beside no amount of cleaning a dvd will fix the scratch down the middle and a comedy is pretty much ruined if you can’t hear it all or it stops every 5 secs. ¬†And damnit, he took my other movie to watch, I haven’t even watched it yet.

office remodel, he said he would help – great but then he told me he was the kind of person to look at the situation, then decide on a course of action, look at it again, ponder the situation, look at it again and then actually do it, personally, I just go for it, his help might take me all damn day, me doing it probably a few hours..maybe he’ll disappear tommorrow and I can drag everything out without him noticing?

oh yea, office remodel, finally found all the mold issues – 2 steps forward, 1 step back, now I remember why I couldn’t do the insulation and sheetrock today, I had to let the mold fix dry out.

I’m grumpy!! But happy new year to all those that had a wonderful day

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