call me crazy but..

so call me crazy but when I’m working on a project, I want to do the work, its a sense of accomplishment, I suppose. Now I did ask for some help to hold the drywall while it was hung because it’s heavy and I didn’t think I could hold it myself but that didn’t mean take over the process. I’m not a perfection, so if the plugs are a little off or the window sill is not cut exactly right, I can fix with a little mud.  I also know my house is old, nothing in my house is exactly the same especially when you measure the top, middle and bottom, you’re most likely going to get three different measurements, its the way of an old house, they settle and after 60 odd years or so, I’m sure its settle quite a lot. The wall studs aren’t exactly 17 inches apart either like their suppose to be because why I don’t know but they’re not and when you go to nail in drywall, unless you’ve remember where the studs are or you use a stud finder, measuring 17 inches from the wall isn’t going to help. Did you know that stud finders can actually find the wood stud on a wall? Yes, I did but I was told that it wouldn’t unless their were nails in the walls which to me is kind of stupid, you usually take the nails out the wall in order to hang the new sheet rock. And when you hang drywall, you do need to nail or screw it in at least 5 nails down the stud, putting a nail in the corners only doesn’t really secure it. You also need to have a 1/2 inch gap from the floor. Another great concept, is the circular saw, it really helps with those big cuts, now I suggested it twice because one I have this really cool circular saw with a laser so all my cuts are straight but he didn’t want to use it until I suggested it 5 times. The thing is, I didn’t do any of the work yet, he took over the project, I was standing there holding the tools for him, watching him do the work, no sense of accomplishment.


And when he didn’t want to work anymore, he got frustrated because a piece wasn’t fitting and broke it, blaming the crappy drywall material, telling me the tools and materials were cheap and not himself. That drives me nuts, don’t blame an object for something you did, take ownership of it. Seriously, stop blaming everything else and take ownership of yourself (that’s a whole nuther topic).   Dude my tools are professional tools and the material ain’t cheap but then again if you screw up, take ownership and why do you think I bought extra, I always mess up.


I realize I should have set limits to what kind of help I needed, I should have taken over the project and tomorrow morning, I’m going to finish the drywall because I want to do it, its my project, not his. Although I do have to say, that he did a great job for the cost of dinner and a bottle of yager meister, I just wish I had had something to do besides occasionally lift something and stand there and watch the process.


Maybe its a man thing, they need to take over and be the authority on everything even though they don’t have clue because little old me can’t possible understand the concept? 


Call me crazy but I want to do my own drywall!



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