ATT Wireless sucks

we all know that ever since ATT Wireless got the iphone deal that amount of dropped calls and network outages has increased tenfold, I was a ATT Wireless customer since the beginning when it was  x  to Cingular back to ATT and I hung on through all the changes and I’d had it when after trying to talk to a client my calls would be dropped constantly, not just daily but every single phone call. I had spotty network service on the bay bridge and throughout the bay area, it was a given that any conversation might just be dropped in the midst of the conversation and I finally had enough and switch to Verizon which I’m utterly happy with, I’ve only had one place so far that had no service and no more dropped calls on my end – now my clients with an iphone, they’re calls continue to drop.

Anyways, I cancelled my ATT Wireless service and got hit with the 135.00 termination fee + an extra month of service that I didn’t get. I can’t afford to pay the bill all at once, so I call to make payment arrangements and the guy keep telling me if you go over the 60 day time period even if you make a payment now, they will still send me to collections. Huh, if I call to make payment arrangements and am trying to pay my bill, you will still send  me to collections? WTF? I told the guy the reason I cancelled my service is because of the dropped calls and he was surprise to hear that ATT was dropping calls, oh come on, seriously, why does ATT act like they have no knowledge of their crappy service? Poor iphone people are stuck with ATT until the exclusivity contract runs out.

So yea, I’m going to try and pay the bill before Feb 8th but I told the guy “Justin” in the accounts receivable dept to make a note on the account, “most likely this account is going to collections even though she called to make payment arrangements and you wouldn’t work with me

Now if I can get out of my ATT Home Phone account, then I can afford to pay the ATT Wireless bill. I’m so done with ATT, they suck!