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holy shit, you can buy a 2 bed 1 bath house in detroit michigan for 30,000 and your payments would be only 130.00 per month or a 3 bed 1.5 bath for 22,000 and payments would be 100 per month. No your not reading those prices wrong!! Do you want a 7 bed 4.5 bath in detroit, that will only cost you 699,000. alot of listings, not only in detroit michigan but in other areas as well such as San Francisco. While Detroit real estate is definetly alot alot cheaper than San Francisco properties, has many ways to search including an iphone app. has alot of information about each home  – all the listing details you need including  pictures, home price, year built, pictures, number of bedrooms, and other home features. You can even find a realtor and request a showing regarding select homes for sale, how much a monthly mortgage might be, neighborhood information, find information such as population, local schools, closest airports, and other local facts. For example, if you’re in San Francisco and you were interested in this 7 bed, 7 bath home in Pacific Heights and you had 45 million to spend, you would be able to calculate your monthly payments to be an average of about 250,000 per month. The best part about is that its free to search for homes and all the information that goes along with looking for a home in order to help you make the best decision possible when choosing were you want to live.  Plus they have handy little sections for home finance (how much home can you afford), moving (planning, do it yourself, hiring someone) and home and garden(tips on your home from the inside out).

Now if I was moving or had any plans to move, I’d definetly check out first. Each city has it own unique atmosphere, San Francisco is its own mini-culture and if you’re lucky enough you can find a street food vendor or two near where you live or work, an open art exhibit or a undiscovered tiny cafe down an alley. I’m sure Detroit offers the same culture and atmosphere but wherever you choose to hang your hat, check out first, its FREE to search.