feeling claustrophobic

I had this weird dream where i was seriously claustrophobic and kept rearranging my office area because it was closing in on me, something telling me I’ve had enough with sitting half in my dining room, half in my living room working – its time to get that office remodel done! Although I did manage to rearrange my work area yet again today, something about the walls felt like there were closing in on me… insulation and sheetrock done, well sheetrock almost done, gotta finish nailing in the nails then its ready to mud – yea.

I’ve been a little overwhelmed, actually seriously argo’d, seriously must be my new word for the day but anyways couldn’t figure out why I was quite argo’d and I figured it out  in the last week and half, I’ve worked 61 hours, had my finals which took about about 20 hours, had no sleep, hadn’t shave my legs in three weeks and everyday I get about 100 emails – I can’t keep up and my former employee emailed about hours I owe her (which pissed me off) and my friend next door has been interrupting my flow daily, sometimes twice a day each and everytime he comes over, I lose between 1-2 hours of work or me time to listen to him (in the last two weeks, I’ve listen to his drama for over 30 hours – 30 hours I could be doing something productive – no wonder I feel so behind and claustrophobic)….back to the grind, another 8 hours or so to catch up on 30 hours of work I’m behind..

probably should eat soon too