National Rodeo

I’ve always wanted to go to the National Final Rodeo, I like watching movies about rodeo and I’ve been to little rodeos in Sacramento and the nationals just seems like fun like it be way more fun and it would be an experience besides the cowboys are cute. The stage, the lights, the horses, the commentators, the atmosphere of the rodeo, the thrill of danger, one can’t truly experience the sensation unless one has gone. Its kind of like going to Nascar, you can watch it on TV but until you’ve been up close and personal, you haven’t really experience it.  So where and how does one get tickets to the National Final Rodeo and what about the prices? National Finals Rodeo 2010 is happening December 2nd through December 11 in Las Vegas, NV.  You can get tickets at NFR Tickets and the prices seem reasonable, hell if you’re heading to Las Vegas, you’re probably going to spend alot anyways, might as well splurge for the good seats and if not, the seats further away are a very reasonable price for every night.  Las Vegas, now there’s another place I’d like to go, maybe I’ll get a chance to go to the National Final Rodeo in December in Las Vegas this year.