Why are we outsourcing our steel production?

I was watching the news the other day, its a rare occasion for me to actually watch the news and I can’t remember why I was even curious that day but I saw the news story about how the steel for the bay bridge was being shipped from China and I thought to myself, why the hell are we buying our steel parts from another country, isn’t our country having economic issues, not enough people have jobs, wouldn’t it be more beneficial to the US and california perhaps, if we didn’t outsource our steel production to China? Wouldn’t that help the economy by having US workers work on US Projects such as the Bay Bridge Suspension Steel and don’t you think that maybe the US companies might have brought the project in on time? Apparently the shipment was delayed for a year due to welding problems, I’m thinking that US Workers probably wouldn’t have welding issues, I know a few welders and they are really meticilous about their workmanship, they wouldn’t let anything go without making sure that their weld held. Just a thought but instead of outsourcing, maybe we should bring the jobs back to the US, stop helping every other country and start paying attention to our own country.

Bethlehem Steel went out of business because of the decline of the US Steel industry after 146 years, what does that say about our country, that one of the largest steel mills can just disappear because we’re outsourcing to other countries, shifting away from our own country because of cheap foreign labor.

I kind of wonder what people are thinking outsourcing big projects like the bay bridge for materials and labor when our country is having problems, then again maybe that’s why our country is having problems because we’re outsouring to other countries.