Share your Valentine’s Day with Haiti

Wondering how you can help with Haiti? Don’t have alot of money to spend? I’ve been pondering the notion to donate something for Haiti but like many I don’t have alot of money to spare these days but you can help, valentine’s day is just around the corner and when you buy chocolate from Intentional Chocolate such as love truffles or the Valentine’s Day Love Gift Box,  you will be donating your purchase to Haiti because Intentional Chocolate is donating 100% of their profits to charities that are helping Haiti until Valentine’s Day. What could be better  – you get chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Caramel Squares or numerous other chocolates and you show your love and support for not only your loved ones but for Haiti as well.

Intentional Chocolate: Through the power of food infused with good intentions, Intentional Chocolate and its research partner, the HESA Institute (Human Energy Systems Alliance – are reintroducing the ancient concept of intentional eating to refocus our attention on the important relationship we have to food. Our intention is to use good intentions to galvanize a shift in the food industry that would bring greater health and quality of life to all beings.

Share your Valentine’s Day with Haiti, buy chocolate from Intentional Chocolate!