freelance writing

I keep trying to figure out ways to make some extra money, do I continously take on clients that think the world owes them a favor and everyone’s work should be free – nope, that’s not the right way. Or do I go get a part-time job – exactly when do I have time to do that, I work 12 hours days then do school for 2 hours a night – nope that won’t work? So exactly how do I make some extra money and then it dawned on me, I have time to blog, so I must have some free time and I write paid reviews, so why don’t I branch out a little and do some freelance writing for other sources? Surely that could work and be an option. There’s alot more freelance writing out there than I expected, so yes, maybe freelance writing could be my ticket to getting away from having to take on obnoxious clients. But where to send them for writing samples, do I have writing samples – well duh, I have a whole blog full of writing samples. How does this work exactly? Should I copy and paste my writing samples into a word doc or just send those potential folks straight over here to check out me, moi? And how does one create a writer’s resume? I think I found the answer for that one – will work on that next, then start sending out samples I suppose and my resume, see if I can hook a freelance writer job, just one or maybe two would be good to start and maybe who knows, maybe this will lead to more writing and maybe a publisher someday, hmm, is hmm, even a word?  Maybe should start small, feel this out although one can dream, can’t she?

In other notes of the day, I can home to find my sump pump had stopped working, power outage, my cats stranded in the backyard and the garage flooded. There is now a beam across the patio to the cat door in case the patio floods again and after stepping in 3 feet of water, I got the sump pump back up and running, damn that water was cold.