Water Personality

Creativity, Intuition, and Knowledge

With water as your dominant nature, you are adept at working with your senses and are a highly creative individual. You are open to new ideas and think fast on your feet, always taking the well being of others into consideration when you make a decision. You are likely devoted to making things the best they can be, and your flexibility and impulsivity open you up to try anything just to learn and grow. Professions such as artists, writers, actors, advertising professionals generally share water as their dominant element, though other careers can incorporate this element into their field. You will bring abstract thinking and a natural sociability to your work.


Water elements are prone to being highly sociable. Even if they are introverted, they enjoy investing in relationships and take time to understand the people around them. Water personalities have a unique ability to remember people’s feelings, which enables them to avoid hurting others. A sense of wonder, openness to new ideas, and hunger to learn new things are all hallmarks of the water element, along with an appreciation for art, music, and beauty. In excess, however, their natural altruistic nature can lead them to become paranoid or too devoted to others to the point that they overlook their own well-being.


If you’re an extroverted water personality, try spending some time alone once in a while. It’s not a punishment! You’ll give your brain some time to recharge. Introverted water personalities, because of your desire to learn and intense curiosity, you might overload your brain. Introverted or extroverted, it’s important to give yourself time to relax and recharge. Read a book, practice meditation (become an observer of your surroundings and your thoughts), or go for a walk. Water personalities need peace to balance out their high energy nature.

 No matter what, always continue to explore the world and share your sense of curiosity with others. Your thirst for new ideas, your desire to express your feelings, your creative approach to problems, and your ability to share emotional bonds with others makes you a remarkable and inspiring person.

 What similarities do the other elements share with the Water Personality?

Based on the ranking of the other three elements, the following information might give you a clearer idea of which areas of the Water Personality are more prominent (for example: if Earth was your second-highest element, then the qualities that Water and Earth share might be more prominent in your personality).

Fire’s Relation to Water ~ you are 26% Fire
– high emotional energy
– excitable
– deep thinker / daydreamer

Wind’s Relation to Water ~ you are 47% Wind
– prefers possibilities
– open to new ideas and adventurous
– enjoys creative expression

Earth’s Relation to Water ~ you are 25% Earth
– people-oriented and intuitive
– enjoys one-on-one company and listens well
– considerate / sensitive towards others’ feelings
What are some of the differences between the Water Personality and the other elements?
If you felt as though some of the information about the Water Personality wasn’t exactly like yourself, then here is some information about the other elements’ energy levels, thinking patterns, and relationship styles that might appear in your personality.

Fire’s Differences from Water ~ you are 26% Fire
– Fire prefers concrete facts and figures
– Fire has a structured belief / religious system and sticks to it
– Fire prefers to talk than to listen, and is less in-tune with others’ feelings

Wind’s Differences from Water ~ you are 47% Wind
– Wind is relaxed and carefree
– Wind enjoys casual or open relationships
– Wind is emotionally stable or even apathetic

Earth’s Differences from Water ~ you are 25% Earth
– Earth prefers to stick to real, hard facts and what can be sensed
– Earth is a calm and emotionally stable element
– Earth is traditional and conventional

And just if you’re curious about the other elements, here are brief summaries:

Fire Personality – Energy, Strength, and Success
Fire is an excitable, high-energy element with an appreciation for concrete facts and logic when solving problems. They strive for success and to gain respect, and connect well with others on a level of thought.

Wind Personality – Playfulness, Spontaneity, and Excitement
Wind is an easy-going, low-emotional energy element with an openness to new ideas and abstract manner when solving problems. They enjoy free and casual relationships, and appreciate spontaneity, excitement, and variety.

Earth Personality – Stability, Compassion, and Practicality
Earth is an emotionally stable element with a great sense of practicality / logic when solving problems. They appreciate order and tradition, and are loyal / have compassion for others

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