Poof, he never existed

My chiropractor up and disappeared, ok so maybe I should qualify that, my main chiropractor, Dr. Stephanie  is still there and considering its her practice, I doubt she’s closing up shop anytime soon but the second doctor working at the office up and disappeared – Dr John, he didn’t even say goodbye which kind of makes one wonder of the circumstances for him leaving. They said that his girlfriend got a job offer in Oregon and he moved with her but he couldn’t said goodbye to his patients? And it makes one wonder, is that just a cover story, is he really somewhere in town and they don’t want people leaving to go where he is?

What I really like about him and apparently a few other people feel the same way because they were talking in the waiting area was that he always had time to talk to you about any new issues or concerns, he wasn’t running from patient to patient and he didn’t always try to upsell you on services. He actually seem to care. I looked forward to my visits with him and it didn’t hurt that he was good-looking, had a geninue smile for everyone. I felt like I had gotten to know him a little, what his favorite band was, what his sense of humor was, what he liked to do in his spare time, the typing with one hand and eating doughnuts was an interesting fact about him (i know quirky but I like quirky and smart) …. and he really did seem to care, he always ask me how long it had been – trying to get me to quit smoking, how long since my last cigarette, or that he would love me no matter what, if I quit or not. I was actually looking forward to telling him I was on my way to quitting, going longer and longer without smoking, he said he would keep bugging me until I quit and now, he’s gone, so what does it matter really, who’s going to bug me and care that much? Maybe he was just my doctor but how often do you feel like your doctor actually cares and you’re not just a number or money to them? He always had time and treated you  like you were the only person that matter at that moment he was doing the adjustment, not the 5 other people waiting for their turns. And he listened, if I said I was having a problem with a specific area, he checked it.

I think Dr Stephanie cares about you but the upselling, seriously give it a break, can you just talk to me once without selling me your business model. I do not have any friends that would be interested, 90% of my friend have no idea where the hell Concord is nor do they live in the area, they’re not interested, stop trying to upsell your product. I know how great is it but I’m starting to wonder why all your assistant doctors leave, what is it about you, that makes them leave your practice?  You had a great one before Dr. John but she left too. You start to feel a connection with someone and then poof, they are just gone with no goodbyes, like they never existed. And the newest one, he might be a great guy but I doubt I’ll let myself open up to him, he’ll be gone sooner or later.

There’s a review on yelp that I actually agree with the car salesman pitch, sometimes it seems like its all about the money, the more patient you initially bring in, the more money you make, its not the wellness clients that bring in money, its the ones that need immediate care and can afford it. The wellness clients means you are doing something right and have gotten us out of pain but we don’t bring in the big bucks.

I’m a small business just like you and I completely believe in word of mouth advertising but I don’t force it on my clients, if they think I’m spectacular, they will refer me. If they don’t, I suppose they wont and they won’t continue to see me either.  Word of mouth is great but making your clients work for you to get you work – something seems a little odd about that, you’re not doing something right. Maybe you’re too busy to see that you have a great bunch of clients that keep coming back. Constantly selling yourself must be exhausting and its a real buzz-kill.

So poof, he’s gone like he never existed. When I mentioned he had been helping me with my wrist issue, she ignored my comment about him and tried to upsell me on the wellness care and I should tell my friends, really? seriously?

It almost makes one think, that he really didn’t care about anyone, how callous can someone be not saying goodbye, was it all an act? Which I don’t believe for a second but maybe he wasn’t allowed to say goodbye, which also makes me wonder why he left.

I’m very sad, it sucks that he’s gone, you get to know someone for two years and then they’re gone (which honestly in my opinion, makes it hard to trust people and get to know them, if they just leave all the time)

Poof, he never existed, all traces of him have just disappeared.

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