There are all forms of security and what makes one person feel safe may not have any bearings on how another person feels. I’ve have felt completely safe in my house and my backyard because I’ve put up fences and gates that are locked and honestly thought between the ivy and rose bushes growing on one side and that locked gates that no one would attempt to get through the barriers. I felt completely safe leaving my back doors open while I took a shower or being in my backyard in general. I also have a kitty door in one of the gates and little dogs sometimes wander through as well, I’m a good neighbor, I’ll catch your little dog and bring it back to you.

But recently, one of my neighbors kids scaled the fence, rosebushes and all to come get their little dog that wandered off. These weren’t little kids, the youngest looked alot older than his 10 years and the older one looked like a full-grown man, they didn’t announced themselves, they slying came into my backyard and walked right into my house to get their little dog. Scared the crap out of me, two men in my backyard while I was standing there naked getting dressed. I didn’t know who they were, I had no defense. I was visibily shaken and when I went to tell my neighbor that her kids were in my backyard and in my house while I was naked, she smiled and said “oh, I told them to go back there and get the dog”  – no real apology for scaring me.  What if I had a gun? How come they didn’t announce themselves? How come they thought it was ok to come into my house? Who taught them their manners?

The gates are locked for a reason. If I don’t answer the door, maybe I’m out back or in the shower but either way that does not give a neighbor the right to violate my privacy or my security.

Now I can’t do anything illegal like putting wire or broken glass on the fences that would hurt anyone coming over because apparently my privacy rights aren’t legal if I hurt someone in their attempt to violate my rights. But I can put harmless fence spikes on top of the fences that won’t damage you but will hurt like hell. I wouldn’t want to hurt the animals anyways and I’m pretty sure the animals will just go through the kitty door. 

I’ve also learned a valuable lesson, my gates and fences are quite as secure as I thought they were and I need to bolt the gates from inside and also make the gate doors a little stronger. And my cell phone should always be within reach.

Maybe my neighbor didn’t mean anything by it but why didn’t her kids say something when they were in the yard, why be all sneaky?

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