much to my surprise

Much to my surprise, not only is the other chiropractor gone but the whole office staff is gone replaced by a whole new staff. The new people that have no idea who the patients are or what the hell is going on with outlandish cover stories to what happened to the previous staff. You come to trust people and get to know them and then its like they never existed and you have to start over with a new group of people. Now its not the replacement people’s fault that the staff is gone but when you tell me you don’t ever plan to leave in a happy sing-song voice, trust me on this, I don’t believe you for a second, at some point your boss will get annoyed with you and you’ll never have existed and I’ll have to start over with a new staff that claims that will never leave in a happy sing-song voice.

Why do I say outlandish cover stories because I was told that the office assistant just graduated from vet school and took a new job. Well, since I know for a fact that she did not just graduate from vet school because she was at my graduate ceremony getting her degree in business administration, what the hell? Come to find out she did get another job at a vet office, in the field she wants to practice and gave her two weeks notice but the doc told her to just leave.  Now I understand staff comes and goes but its the manner in which staff comes and goes that defines a practice. If each year, your staff is replaced with a new staff – then something is odd. If your staff is replaced monthly, something is wrong. Is it you perhaps?

Your most valuable asset is your staff, happy employees don’t leave happy places to work. Employees don’t leave bad companies – they leave bad bosses and if your patients keep seeing different people come and go, even if its over the course of a couple of years, they will leave too because the vibe in the office seems different. Its no longer a happy stress-free place, its got internal turmoil usually at the helm. If you are a bad boss, not only do you employees feel stressed, your patients or clients can feel it too.

Although I now understand where my weird vibe was coming from every single time I go into that office, it doesn’t work for me, it hasn’t really worked for since they moved to a bizarre location that’s a traffic nightmare, its time to move on.

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