You know what is interesting about spam comments? Why do spammers think if they post a comment on an unrelated post that its going to get approved? If you tell me “that’s sure one lucky guy” and your posting that comment on “water personality“, its not going to get posted, why? because that post has nothing whatsoever to do with a guy

And I am not your “bro” or ‘buddy”, I happened to be a girl.

If you tell me my website doesn’t look good on Chrome, use a different browser, personally I don’t like chrome and haven’t tested it on Chrome, I do know that it looks good on all other major browsers.

And if you link back to your own blog, I check if its looks legit, I go to your blog and find it either doesn’t exist or you don’t exist, you’re spam.  And if you want to link to me or do a repriocal link exchange, email me.

It could be the nature of this blog title that’s causing massive amounts of spam to show up hopefully that’s something that will stop soon once I transition to the new site

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