Used PB Sumatra Dresser

I’m trying to sell my pottery barn extra wide sumatra dresser, its great, just a little too much for the space and I don’t need all the room. I want the tower sumatra instead…so I listed it on craigslist and I got all these people interested, two came by to check it out and told me they wanted it and got here and didn’t want it. Its big, I put the dimension on the ad. Its used and in good condition but it is used. Its got a long scratch on the top and with a little TLC, that can be fixed but seriously, if you want it in pristine condition, shell out the 1300 bucks and buy a new one. If you go looking for used furniture on the internet, expected that it might have some minor defects, expect that you might need to fill in a scratch or two but don’t waste my time telling me you’ll come get it and then get here and get all “its not new” no shit, its not. Its 3 years old and used. So I’m selling it for 800.00, although I might drop that down to 600.00 just because of all the hagglers out there, people were offering me 500.00 for it – at that price I might as well keep it. One person said that she would love to have it but since she had to rent a truck and drive all the way from San Jose, she could only offer 400.00 – um, its not my fault that you have to rent a truck or drive far – if you’re shopping for used furniture from private sellers, assume that you probably are going to have to pick it up and that you’re going to have to expend some energy/money to pick it up. I could deliver it I suppose, but I’d have to charge you for the truck rental, gas and my energy and my helpers to deliver it. I suppose I could ship it via freight, but I’d have to charge you and it would be cheaper if you pick it up 🙂

Apparently people don’t know how to fill in a scratch on furniture, so I’ll fill in the scratch, polish it up and relist it at a later date for sell. Or maybe I’ll just refinish the top, its actually quite a simple process and if you’re buying used furniture you might want to learn how to do it.

Here’s my original ad

Sumatra Extra Wide Dresser (Pottery Barn)
Pottery Barn Sumatra Extra-Wide Dresser, deep mahogany stain, rustically beautiful knots, burls and whorls, detailed with blackened-brass pulls on dovetailed drawers.
66″ wide x 20″ deep x 36″ high,
Only 3 years old, it’s in good condition
Retails at $1,199.00. Selling for $800.00
Buyer must pick up from location (its a heavy piece).

and pictures

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