next chapter

so I just had my graduation ceremony, wow, that was long affair, way too many people graduating at the same time, doctors, masters, bachelors, associates – it would have been much better if it was broken down into sections. About half way through, half the masters people had to go to the bathroom and never came back. I stayed through the whole 6 hours process. Although it was an experience and I’m glad I did it but it was long day.

Anyways, the next chapter, the options after I’m done with classes (technically I’m not done, I did the graduation ceremony but still have classes until probably August – about 10 more weeks to go). I know that

  1. I’m taking a break after school for at least 3 months
  2. Then taking a CPA Prep Course for a couple of months
  3. Then try to get my CPA license
  4. Then I want to get my doctorate in something, I’m leaning towards a doctorate in Educational Learning and Online Technology but I love to write, hence this blog. I love the idea of technology in the sense of learning new ideas, coming up with technology concepts like fusion nuclear energy or writing about technology but I also want to teach. I have realized I don’t particulary like day-to-day IT stuff or database design all that much which is probably why I outsource that part of my business…interesting maybe I’ll get a dual degree, there is a program for a bachelors in Communication with a Concentration in Communication and Technology which I think would greatly enhance the doctorate in Educational/Online Learning degree…something to think about and figure out how much I’ll be sleep deprived if I take two different degrees 🙂