Farm Fresh

I recently ordered and received my first batch of farm fresh veggies and fruits from Farm Fresh to You and its been an interesting couple of days biting into new wonderous things, what I thought was a potato is actually a lemon cucumber and I’ve never seen one of those before but its delicious it does take a little like a lemony cucumber. I had to go check out a site about cucumbers to figure out what I had, check it out here. I ordered the more mixed because I wanted a variety of items to start and to see how much I needed for a month’s supply of food. I’m trying out this concept of eating fresh and healthier. Although it has occured to me that I really don’t know how to cook certain things or what to do with them and I haven’t really ever used fresh herbs except occasionally, for example, what does one do with basil? I’m going to attempt basil ice cream, strangely enough that sounds delicious.  So each month will be a discovery of new and exciting farm fresh veggies and fruits.