Need moving boxes?

When’s the last time you moved? Did you do it yourself or haggle friends to help you out on the big day? And the boxes, where did you get them? Behind grocery stores if you were lucky, from work, from friends who had extras or office supply stores?

The last time I moved, I did all of the above. I rented the truck, got two friends to help, thank god, they brought their kids to help out, searched high and low for moving boxes which took days out of my time along with the days of prep time to pack the boxes before my friends arrived. Not to mention I had to wrangle all the cats into their carriers on the big moving day, get them moved first in one load, back to the first location to meet my friends to pack up the uhaul, my car, their cars because I didn’t get a big enough uhaul..whew, it was a long day but I made it into my first house with friends intact.

In retrospect, it would have been so much easier to use upack, order the moving boxes and supplies that I needed before hand, upack has this handy estimator to estimate how many boxes you might need, what you think you might need in my experience, double it or buy an assortment of upack moving boxes kits.

Upack is unique in that its a moving company that you pack up the truck and you unload the truck but they do all the driving between destinations. Yes, you have to plan for the move and order the truck but you have to do that anyways when getting a rental truck, arranging friends and family on your big day.  You can also rent relocubes, portable storage containers that you lock up if you think its possible that your move might take a few days to get it together or the unpacking might take longer than a day. And the moving boxes and supplies, they will deliver them right to your front door in all kinds of assortments from kits for the kitchen, kits for the wardrobe, for a 1-2 bedroom apartment to 3+ bedroom home and included with their kits are all the supplies you need such as tape, dish protectors, divider pads, divider partitions, bubble wrap, things you would have to buy separately.

If I ever move again, I’m calling Upack, you should too.

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