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I keep finding these interesting articles and if I had time to read them, then I have time to share them

Building nuclear fusion:

Apple to can be hacked:

I don’t mind being 40 at all but I want to look at startups with the same eager and innocent anticipation that I did when I was 25

What Age Do You Act?

You Act Like You Are 29 Years Old

You are a twenty-something at heart. You feel like an adult, and you’re optimistic about life.

You feel excited about what’s to come… love, work, and new experiences.You’re still figuring out your place in the world and how you want your life to shape up.

The world is full of possibilities, and you can’t wait to explore many of them.

crazy maybe

what if we got rid of the politicians and put a bill to vote on the internet, let everyone vote on an idea. Now how would that work? It would have to be tied to your social security card number because if you’re an illegal immigrant, you shouldn’t have the right to vote on issues – sorry, sad but true. Now the bills would have to be simplfied, they couldn’t be 2000 pages of useless information that no one wants to read. They would have to be here’s (1) here’s the current problem (2) here are the steps to fix said problem (3) and this is how much its going to cost you. So basically, you login, you cast your vote, the majority wins. Simple, to the point and it would be done instead of special interest groups lobbying for their special interests, instead of politicians that most of us don’t know or care about acting for us, each and every American could vote on an issue.

Someone comes up with a plan, puts it up on the internet, and you vote. If people don’t like it, then back to the drawing board.

Sick Baby Kitty

its been a hectic stressful weekend, my baby kitty got really sick, he can’t pee which apparently is life-threatening condition in felines, something about kidney failure, anyways, he’s been in the emergency vet hospital since Saturday on various drugs, with cathers and IV fluids and today they referred me back to my vet for surgery. Now I love my vet, Dr Rothe and the vet techs there are wonderful as well but his receptionist could use some help in the sympathy department, if her schedule is thrown out of wack, let me just say she can be quite a bitch. The emergency vet told me to get my kitty over to my vet right away and had actually talked to my vet as well, who said to bring him over asap. But when I got to my vet, the receptionist was confused and made me wait 1/2 for the doctor, honestly I had at that point, had it, I personally think that a life-threatening problem is more critical than a wellness checkup……so my poor kitty is back in the hospital til Wednesday, hopefully with surgery he’ll be able to pee again and be a happy healthy kitty for long while to come….

While I’m on this subject of my vet, like I said I love Dr Rothe, I’ve been taking my animals to him for over 20 years and my animals are odd, everything that could be weird will come through my door and he has always been very helpful in trying to figure out the reasons, ideas and has even listened to my alternative ideas for therapy when he’s not sure. He explains everything that is going on and actually listens to his people and pet patients. He’s definetly a animal person!

On the other hand, there is Dr Halperin, I don’t like her very much, I’d prefer that I don’t see her, she can be quite condenseing and rude. Maybe its just her personality, maybe she’s not a people person but my animals don’t seem to like her very much either if that’s any indication. 

Overall, I get Disney Pet Hospital 4 stars most of the time, I’d give them 5 stars but I have to deduct for Dr Halperin and the receptionist issue.

inspiration in a bottle

my poem, quixotic-cinnamon-orange has advanced to the semi-final rounds in a poetry competition and as usual, they always ask what inspired the poem and to tell them about myself and here’s where I draw a blank. I know what inspired the poem, that’s not hard, I was reading a certain twitter feed and flavors of the day were being discussed and cinnamon orange – doesn’t that sound cozy, like something you would want to curl up on the couch with and read a good book. I had always wanted to use quixotic in a sentence and it kind of fit with the thoughts floating around my head that day. I was trying to find the elusive magic curry kart that night as well, it seems when I want magic curry, I can’t find him. So I guess, part of the inspiration was the street food vendors and part of the inspiration was just how I was feeling that day, cozy, inspired and magical.

But who I am, why do I write poetry? that particular day, no mystery at all, I was bored with accounting, but that’s not the answer they want. Maybe who I am shall just remain a mystery, after all its inspiration in a bottle or in this case, inspiration in a twitter feed.


You know that moment when you’re talking to someone and you just realize that they are ignorant and you wonder why you’re stuck in a car with them or sitting at dinner with them and at the moment you would rather just get up and leave the vicinity of such person. Its like an ah-ha moment and it happened tonight.

We were driving through Alamo, CA because I missed the freeway exit and I know the area, so I thought I’d take a scenic way home except I was in the car with the wrong person. Anyways, we’re driving through Alamo and he said isn’t it funny that a town was named after “with ice cream” and I said “huh?” And he said Alamode. At the moment, I realize that he’s seriously ignorant. Um, the town is called Alamo and it means cottonwood in Spanish. I tried to explain that but he kept insisting it was called Alamode and preceeded to explain to me what alamode meant, I’m not stupid or ignorant, I know what it means but it had nothing to do with the name of the town.

You know what is funny though, when he tries to impress people from Alamo or Danville with his knowledge of how Alamo was named, its just going to make him look stupid or maybe that’s not all that funny, its kind of sad.

common courtesy

I happened upon my bank today, I need to get the money into the bank so that many things didn’t start bouncing around like rubber balls and while I understand that shit happens such as a bank robbery (no, I was there when it happened, I came upon it after the fact) the common courtesy to customer would be to state “we just had a bank robbery and we’ll be closed down for a few hours, you’ll probably want to go to the other branch”  instead of it might be 20 minutes or so, possibly another hour while the FBI does their investigation, maybe another 20-40 minutes, we’re not sure because you know that they have procedures in place and apparently this bank branch has been robbed several times over the last year so they should know the drill and they must know how long it actually takes to re-open after a robbery. I was ok with waiting 20 minutes but when the numbers started changing and no common courtesty to suggest going to the other branch, I got annoyed. Yea, I went to the other branch and they told me it happens all the time, they are the closest branch to the one that got robbed and they always get the overflow when it happens and that particular branch would probably be closed the rest of the day.

Common courtesy is all I ask especially when its during the work week.

not rocket science

I always thought non-profit and government accounting was hard but its not really, its the rules and regulations and financial reporting concepts that make it so convoluted…let me back up a little and explain some basic concepts.

Non-profit and governmental accounting is based on funds, each fund is like a mini-company within a large organization. Each fund or mini-company has to its own general ledger (chart of accounts) and provide individual revenue, expenses, income and balance sheets. Then each fund is added to a big spreadsheet in a separate column to report for the entity as a whole.

And each non-profit or government might also be running a little for-profit business as well to generate income for the larger company as a whole but that its treated just like another fund which has it own general ledger (chart of accounts) and provide individual revenue, expenses, income and balance sheets.

With me so far, each fund is it own little company.

Now for the financial reporting of all these funds (little companies) and here is where the convoluted mess occurs. The government funds are reported differently than the enterprise funds because the regulations say that since the sources of revenue are different (taxes vs fees), the purposes are different (well being of citizen vs generating income) and the budget is different (express of public policy vs internal mangement). Even more of a mess is that the financial statement are all named different things, statement of activites vs a profit and loss statement, statement of net asset vs a balance sheet, etc…

Now let me ask a question

The government gets money from taxes and then spends the money
The government runs an enterprise fund – charging for services and spends the money
A non-profit gets money from various donations or possible for fees and then spends the money
A for-profit business gets money for services and fees, then spends the money

Anyone seeing a trend here? Seriously its not rocket-science. Wouldn’t it be easier to show a financial statement that shows you where they got the money and how they spend it?

Just because the government may have many funds upon funds (remember little mini-companies within the big organization) doesn’t mean that it still can’t show you where it got the money and how it was spent.

Why make it so hard for the average person to read a financial statement? Are they hiding something? Kind of makes you wonder why financial regulations have to be so convoluted for a relatively simple concept: you get money, you spend it.