its been awhile

its been awhile since I’ve posted and we’re moving completely over to in the next week or so, its time to retire sexymagick and start anew with Elements Write, its too confusing keeping two blogs going that are exactly the same….move your links, because soon sexymagick will just be a memory 🙂

where have I been

Its been awhile since I posted – I’ve been busy with work, conferences, vacations and trying to move this blog to its new home but until then, I suppose I should keep posting here. I logged in today after 3 weeks of not posting and had 322 comments which I’m sure 90% were spam – if you posted a comment and you weren’t spam, comment again and I’ll check back more often…try to keep updating until the move is completed.

Tigger Conference was great, got to meet all the people I’ve been talking to for at least the last 10 years or so and made some hopefully new connections and possible new projects coming down the pipeline…shortly after I got home from the Tigger Conference, I was out the door again to another adventure at Disneyland.

Disneyland vacation with the family. I knew I’d be walking alot but I also thought I might get the chance to sit down and relax occasionally. Me and walking is painful after a while, with psorasis on my feet, it feels like walking on nails, my left foot swells up, cramps and becomes incredibly painful to step on but I sucked it up and kept going for the most part but my blood vessels on my foot broken causing weird pain. I’m not used to walking so much, when walking is painful – one tends not to do it much which is another reason I’d love to have a pool to exercise but I digress….Disneyland…if you are a smoker, be prepared to be exiled to the furthest reaches of the park to have a cigarette, there are only 4 places in Disneyland to have a cigarette – all horribly located the furthest away from any good rides and only one spot in AdventurePark – its not that smokers mind walking to reach that exiled spot,its the fact that in order to reach it, one must forgo a ride if others are waiting for you to locate that spot and travel back to them, thank goodness for cell phones to find your lost party.

I did it, the tower of terror, never ever again in my life will I ride such a terrifying ride, I was scare out of my mind, shaking, thought I was going to die scare. My sister and stepfather were laughing. I would have rather gone back to the California Screaming Rollercoaster that goes upside down. Soaring over California was not one of my favorite either, it was a cool experience but I’m afraid of flying so essentially that wasn’t the best idea for me. I did like the Indiana Jones ride that was fun, roller coaster in the dark. Teacups was fun, I got really dizzy. I completely missed Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Bobsleds and probably a few others. I loved the water rides…anyways, seeing Disneyland through the eyes of kids is a great experience but I think it would be more fun to go with friends and go on more big kid rides and take it slow. I kind of felt like I was being rushed through the experience on a timeline.

Disneyland, know that you’re going to wait in lines, have patience, take your time, have fun.

And next time I go, I will be driving down to LA, by the time I returned the rental car, checked in at the airport, my flight was delayed 30 minutes, waited for my flight, took a bumpy flight home (after tower of terror scare, I definetly did not like my flight home), found my car, drove home – I could have already been home or almost home.

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Used PB Sumatra Dresser

I’m trying to sell my pottery barn extra wide sumatra dresser, its great, just a little too much for the space and I don’t need all the room. I want the tower sumatra instead…so I listed it on craigslist and I got all these people interested, two came by to check it out and told me they wanted it and got here and didn’t want it. Its big, I put the dimension on the ad. Its used and in good condition but it is used. Its got a long scratch on the top and with a little TLC, that can be fixed but seriously, if you want it in pristine condition, shell out the 1300 bucks and buy a new one. If you go looking for used furniture on the internet, expected that it might have some minor defects, expect that you might need to fill in a scratch or two but don’t waste my time telling me you’ll come get it and then get here and get all “its not new” no shit, its not. Its 3 years old and used. So I’m selling it for 800.00, although I might drop that down to 600.00 just because of all the hagglers out there, people were offering me 500.00 for it – at that price I might as well keep it. One person said that she would love to have it but since she had to rent a truck and drive all the way from San Jose, she could only offer 400.00 – um, its not my fault that you have to rent a truck or drive far – if you’re shopping for used furniture from private sellers, assume that you probably are going to have to pick it up and that you’re going to have to expend some energy/money to pick it up. I could deliver it I suppose, but I’d have to charge you for the truck rental, gas and my energy and my helpers to deliver it. I suppose I could ship it via freight, but I’d have to charge you and it would be cheaper if you pick it up 🙂

Apparently people don’t know how to fill in a scratch on furniture, so I’ll fill in the scratch, polish it up and relist it at a later date for sell. Or maybe I’ll just refinish the top, its actually quite a simple process and if you’re buying used furniture you might want to learn how to do it.

Here’s my original ad

Sumatra Extra Wide Dresser (Pottery Barn)
Pottery Barn Sumatra Extra-Wide Dresser, deep mahogany stain, rustically beautiful knots, burls and whorls, detailed with blackened-brass pulls on dovetailed drawers.
66″ wide x 20″ deep x 36″ high,
Only 3 years old, it’s in good condition
Retails at $1,199.00. Selling for $800.00
Buyer must pick up from location (its a heavy piece).

and pictures


You know what is interesting about spam comments? Why do spammers think if they post a comment on an unrelated post that its going to get approved? If you tell me “that’s sure one lucky guy” and your posting that comment on “water personality“, its not going to get posted, why? because that post has nothing whatsoever to do with a guy

And I am not your “bro” or ‘buddy”, I happened to be a girl.

If you tell me my website doesn’t look good on Chrome, use a different browser, personally I don’t like chrome and haven’t tested it on Chrome, I do know that it looks good on all other major browsers.

And if you link back to your own blog, I check if its looks legit, I go to your blog and find it either doesn’t exist or you don’t exist, you’re spam.  And if you want to link to me or do a repriocal link exchange, email me.

It could be the nature of this blog title that’s causing massive amounts of spam to show up hopefully that’s something that will stop soon once I transition to the new site

still here

Its been awhile since I’ve posted, slowly moving everything over to ElementsWrite but I’m still here, it was tax season and while everyone thinks that ends in April, think again, its extends to October and then starts all over again at the end of the year.  I got a new kitten, he’s 10 weeks old this week and I finally finished my master’s degree and then promptly got sick with the flu – overwork, stress, taking care of a baby kitten, who knows but I guess my body had just had enough and wanted to rest….I’ll start posting again real soon……

If pages and post look like they’re disappearing, they’re not, just being moved. I think that’s the easiest way for me to consolidate, move slowly, delete as I go, clean house.

Farm Fresh

I recently ordered and received my first batch of farm fresh veggies and fruits from Farm Fresh to You and its been an interesting couple of days biting into new wonderous things, what I thought was a potato is actually a lemon cucumber and I’ve never seen one of those before but its delicious it does take a little like a lemony cucumber. I had to go check out a site about cucumbers to figure out what I had, check it out here. I ordered the more mixed because I wanted a variety of items to start and to see how much I needed for a month’s supply of food. I’m trying out this concept of eating fresh and healthier. Although it has occured to me that I really don’t know how to cook certain things or what to do with them and I haven’t really ever used fresh herbs except occasionally, for example, what does one do with basil? I’m going to attempt basil ice cream, strangely enough that sounds delicious.  So each month will be a discovery of new and exciting farm fresh veggies and fruits.

spoiled brat

My neighbor comes over to tell me his best friend is being a bitch and acting like a child leaving him horrible vmails, this same person uses my fax machine for his own benefit – giving it to his lawyer to send him a fax, then he continues to talk for an hour about how my fresh produce from the farm delivery service is odd and doesn’t look fresh and he’ll no longer take the eggplant which he agreed to 2 days agao – geez, it’s not the same as going to whole foods were the wash and put out the pretty display of produce, its directly from the farm and how my quick pickup vacumn cleaner isn’t the best on the market or how his best friend ditched him 2 days before the concert and how he’s such a poor baby that he can’t get to the stupid concert now – lets try a scenario, every other person in the world that wants to go to a concert without a car will figure out how to get there (aka bart, caltrain, bus, walking, you name it- they will get there instead of acting like a stupid spoiled brat, they will figure out how to get there) The world does not revolve around a spoiled brat, most people shy away from it, I can’t ever seem to make him go away. Both him and his best friend – yea, there’s a reason their friends, both spoiled brats in adult bodies. whew..feel better now, thanks for listening

Need moving boxes?

When’s the last time you moved? Did you do it yourself or haggle friends to help you out on the big day? And the boxes, where did you get them? Behind grocery stores if you were lucky, from work, from friends who had extras or office supply stores?

The last time I moved, I did all of the above. I rented the truck, got two friends to help, thank god, they brought their kids to help out, searched high and low for moving boxes which took days out of my time along with the days of prep time to pack the boxes before my friends arrived. Not to mention I had to wrangle all the cats into their carriers on the big moving day, get them moved first in one load, back to the first location to meet my friends to pack up the uhaul, my car, their cars because I didn’t get a big enough uhaul..whew, it was a long day but I made it into my first house with friends intact.

In retrospect, it would have been so much easier to use upack, order the moving boxes and supplies that I needed before hand, upack has this handy estimator to estimate how many boxes you might need, what you think you might need in my experience, double it or buy an assortment of upack moving boxes kits.

Upack is unique in that its a moving company that you pack up the truck and you unload the truck but they do all the driving between destinations. Yes, you have to plan for the move and order the truck but you have to do that anyways when getting a rental truck, arranging friends and family on your big day.  You can also rent relocubes, portable storage containers that you lock up if you think its possible that your move might take a few days to get it together or the unpacking might take longer than a day. And the moving boxes and supplies, they will deliver them right to your front door in all kinds of assortments from kits for the kitchen, kits for the wardrobe, for a 1-2 bedroom apartment to 3+ bedroom home and included with their kits are all the supplies you need such as tape, dish protectors, divider pads, divider partitions, bubble wrap, things you would have to buy separately.

If I ever move again, I’m calling Upack, you should too.

If you are planning to buy a new van click here for van sales ideas.

much to my surprise

Much to my surprise, not only is the other chiropractor gone but the whole office staff is gone replaced by a whole new staff. The new people that have no idea who the patients are or what the hell is going on with outlandish cover stories to what happened to the previous staff. You come to trust people and get to know them and then its like they never existed and you have to start over with a new group of people. Now its not the replacement people’s fault that the staff is gone but when you tell me you don’t ever plan to leave in a happy sing-song voice, trust me on this, I don’t believe you for a second, at some point your boss will get annoyed with you and you’ll never have existed and I’ll have to start over with a new staff that claims that will never leave in a happy sing-song voice.

Why do I say outlandish cover stories because I was told that the office assistant just graduated from vet school and took a new job. Well, since I know for a fact that she did not just graduate from vet school because she was at my graduate ceremony getting her degree in business administration, what the hell? Come to find out she did get another job at a vet office, in the field she wants to practice and gave her two weeks notice but the doc told her to just leave.  Now I understand staff comes and goes but its the manner in which staff comes and goes that defines a practice. If each year, your staff is replaced with a new staff – then something is odd. If your staff is replaced monthly, something is wrong. Is it you perhaps?

Your most valuable asset is your staff, happy employees don’t leave happy places to work. Employees don’t leave bad companies – they leave bad bosses and if your patients keep seeing different people come and go, even if its over the course of a couple of years, they will leave too because the vibe in the office seems different. Its no longer a happy stress-free place, its got internal turmoil usually at the helm. If you are a bad boss, not only do you employees feel stressed, your patients or clients can feel it too.

Although I now understand where my weird vibe was coming from every single time I go into that office, it doesn’t work for me, it hasn’t really worked for since they moved to a bizarre location that’s a traffic nightmare, its time to move on.