where have I been

Its been awhile since I posted – I’ve been busy with work, conferences, vacations and trying to move this blog to its new home but until then, I suppose I should keep posting here. I logged in today after 3 weeks of not posting and had 322 comments which I’m sure 90% were spam – if you posted a comment and you weren’t spam, comment again and I’ll check back more often…try to keep updating until the move is completed.

Tigger Conference was great, got to meet all the people I’ve been talking to for at least the last 10 years or so and made some hopefully new connections and possible new projects coming down the pipeline…shortly after I got home from the Tigger Conference, I was out the door again to another adventure at Disneyland.

Disneyland vacation with the family. I knew I’d be walking alot but I also thought I might get the chance to sit down and relax occasionally. Me and walking is painful after a while, with psorasis on my feet, it feels like walking on nails, my left foot swells up, cramps and becomes incredibly painful to step on but I sucked it up and kept going for the most part but my blood vessels on my foot broken causing weird pain. I’m not used to walking so much, when walking is painful – one tends not to do it much which is another reason I’d love to have a pool to exercise but I digress….Disneyland…if you are a smoker, be prepared to be exiled to the furthest reaches of the park to have a cigarette, there are only 4 places in Disneyland to have a cigarette – all horribly located the furthest away from any good rides and only one spot in AdventurePark – its not that smokers mind walking to reach that exiled spot,its the fact that in order to reach it, one must forgo a ride if others are waiting for you to locate that spot and travel back to them, thank goodness for cell phones to find your lost party.

I did it, the tower of terror, never ever again in my life will I ride such a terrifying ride, I was scare out of my mind, shaking, thought I was going to die scare. My sister and stepfather were laughing. I would have rather gone back to the California Screaming Rollercoaster that goes upside down. Soaring over California was not one of my favorite either, it was a cool experience but I’m afraid of flying so essentially that wasn’t the best idea for me. I did like the Indiana Jones ride that was fun, roller coaster in the dark. Teacups was fun, I got really dizzy. I completely missed Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Bobsleds and probably a few others. I loved the water rides…anyways, seeing Disneyland through the eyes of kids is a great experience but I think it would be more fun to go with friends and go on more big kid rides and take it slow. I kind of felt like I was being rushed through the experience on a timeline.

Disneyland, know that you’re going to wait in lines, have patience, take your time, have fun.

And next time I go, I will be driving down to LA, by the time I returned the rental car, checked in at the airport, my flight was delayed 30 minutes, waited for my flight, took a bumpy flight home (after tower of terror scare, I definetly did not like my flight home), found my car, drove home – I could have already been home or almost home.

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