aha moment

I lived near a refinery plant that always has the warning sirens going off all the time, someone told me it was probably signifying the end of a shift and now I realize it’s weekly test but every single time I heard one of those warning sirens, it makes me jump. Even when San Francisco does it’s test of their emergency system, makes me jump. I never understood why the sound of those warning sirens make me jump until tonight. I was watching a special out tornados and when I was little, I heard those warning sirens got off when a tornado approach – aha!! I admit the only tornado I remember when I was little, my mom had a hard time getting me to shelter, I kept going back to my bed, trying to sleep, she finally got me to stay put and the after effect was the chimney was broken/crumbling but something about that sound has always made me a little nervous, now I understand why, that sound reminds me of a tornado warning.

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  1. WOW – no wonder it bothers you. Interesting when we can figure that out huh? I love my aha moments!! Had one today actually…

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